In order to get my name out there.. last year I did a couple of Christmas market around Marbella and the Costa del Sol.. it was really the first time for me to put my work on display and I was excited but apprehensive at the same time.. what if nobody likes my work?  Well luckily that wasn’t an issue and the response I got was amazing!

It seems that resin art on home decor is new here on the Costa del Sol and everybody who walked by couldn’t help but look at my products asking a million questions about how did I do it and for the artists among them… I had many questions about how did I get the resin so smooth with no bubbles… well the answer is heat gun and a lot of patience!

Following on from the success of getting myself out there I gained a lot of fans and followers, which leads me to the Resin Clock!

A lovely lady who I met the Adana Christmas Fair in Estepona contacted me to make a very special gift for a friend who had seen me and the personalized resin clock was born. Of course I can’t show the finished piece of the bride might see her gift!

All clocks are made with epoxy resin and pigments and are made to order. I can do any style… but this one I have to say was perfect for the pour as I could literally just unpack it and pour…

I really wish I could see the brides face when she sees her beautiful art resin clock.

Keep following me for more clock designs… I can see this being the first of many!

Thank you for your support.

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Thank you ALL so much for your support!
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