“There’s upcycling furniture… Then there’s Useless Old Tart!“


It’s been a very busy year down here on the Costa del Sol. Tourism has boomed, businesses have been rushed off their feet, people have lost their cool during the crowds and the heat… and on a personal note, all the little businesses that I started during lockdown have kept me so busy that I have hardly had the time to keep up never mind write blogs about what I have been doing. There are no excuses for not writing I know, so here is a quick update…


Amongst the madness, this year I set up a new little side hustle upcycling furniture. Of course I couldn’t just paint furniture, I had to add some art detailing and the odd bit of resin art here and there too! I loved one of the pieces so much that I couldn’t part with it. I know it’s not the idea to keep your work but I did need some extra storage space and the depth of these drawers is perfect for my ever growing art supplies! (haha!)



This chest of drawers, ikea original, has been upcycled from a plain wooden unit into a modern eye-catching furniture design worthy of pride and place in anyone’s home. The unit has been painted with several layers of satin black furniture paint and then sealed with 3 layers of satin varnish to protect the paint from chipping. I used clear resin with silver pigment to create the wave effects across the drawers and poured resin over the drawer knobs to match. This now lives in my lounge, pride of place… possibly available for sale… likely not! (haha!) But joking apart… although I could not create something exactly the same… I would be more than happy to give a new lease of life to one of your favourite furniture pieces!


If you would like to see more upcycling furniture ideas with resin you can check out my website uselessoldtart.com and you can also follow me on social media Instagram and Facebook

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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