From May 2022, all cheeseboards and lazy Susan’s will be made with Epoxy Food from Resin Pro España! 

This is fantastic news that the resin art World is now offering a food safe epoxy resin, and also that I can access this is Spain.

If you have ever purchased a cheeseboard from me, you will know that the little card that I include with the package does advise not to put food directly onto epoxy resin and not to cut directly onto the resin.

Resin will eventually scratch so although you can eat off this resin, I still wouldn’t cut into it so you can keep enjoying your lovely gifts for years to come.

Ocean Wave Resin Art Cheeseboards

These make great gifts for everyone, and they can be bought in all shapes and sizes!

You can Visit my online shop to see available gifts and order online or contact me for custom orders.

Everything can be made to order with your colours to match your home and interior style.

If you live near Sotogrande I would also like to recommend for you to pass by Blua Blue Surf Shop directly in the port. Thank you to Wayne for contacting me to become a reseller of my art and for stocking a unique selection of cheeseboards, trays, coasters, tables and more so you can choose exactly what you would like to buy.

Thank you to Johannes @prettywoodcraft for creating this modular display unit.. the first of many let’s hope! And also thanks to you for coming up with the surfboard and table designs.

And last but not least a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU… for buying my art, all your support and following, liking me on Social media. I couldn’t do this without you all.

Create a truly exclusive look in your home with eye-catching resin art...

I offer a bespoke service in which we discuss your ideas, your colour choices and your vision for your space.  Together we can create a one-of-a-kind Made to Measure Art Design to suit your desires and space requirements.
I invite you to explore my website to find out more about the wonderful World of Resin Art...
Thank you ALL so much for your support!
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