Adding a Personal Touch: Creating a Unique Resin Art Splashback for My Mum’s Forever Home

There’s something truly special about making a house feel like a home, especially when you can add personal touches that reflect your own style and create meaningful memories. Recently, my mum moved to Spain and purchased her dream home. She asked me to help make it even more special by incorporating my resin art into the design. So, I embarked on a project to create a beautiful kitchen splashback that would not only transform the space but also bring immense joy to my mum. In this blog post, I’ll share the journey of creating this unique piece and the happiness it brought to my mum.

Bringing Resin Art to Life:

To start the project, I decided to focus on the kitchen and create a captivating splashback that would become the centerpiece of the space. After careful thought, I chose a vibrant color scheme with turquoise, blue, white, and hints of gold. These colors captured the essence of the Mediterranean surroundings and added a touch of luxury to the kitchen.


Materials and Techniques:

To bring my vision to reality, I used high-quality pigments and Art Pro Resin from Resin Pro España. For the base of the splashback, I opted for marine-grade plywood, which is strong and durable, making it perfect for a kitchen environment. This plywood provided a solid canvas for the layers of resin, allowing me to create a beautiful, long-lasting piece.

The Creative Process:

Working with resin is a mix of art and science. I carefully measured and mixed the pigments with the resin, aiming for the right consistency before pouring. Layer by layer, I poured the mixture onto the plywood, playing with the resin to create a fluid and captivating pattern. Each stroke and pour carried my love and excitement, knowing that I was creating something truly special for my mum’s new home.

The Transformation:

Once the resin dried and hardened, the true beauty of the splashback emerged. The colors shimmered and reflected light, adding depth and movement to the kitchen. The turquoise and blue shades brought a sense of calm, reminiscent of the nearby ocean, while the golden accents added an elegant touch. Installing the splashback in my mum’s kitchen was a magical moment. Her face lit up with joy, and it warmed my heart to see how much she loved it.

Creating a custom resin art splashback for my mum’s forever home in Spain was an incredible experience. It allowed me to express my creativity and love while making her new home even more special. This project reminded me of the power of art to transform spaces and create a unique ambiance. Seeing my mum’s happiness and appreciation was the ultimate reward. It reinforced the notion that personal touches can truly make a house feel like a cherished home.

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