Salt Breeze Bar in Torreguadiaro!

When it comes to artistic collaborations, few projects are as exciting and unique as working on the design elements for a brand-new bar. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to contribute to a surf-themed bar that just opened in Torreguadiaro. The bar owner, Clyde, approached me with an exciting vision—to create a captivating bar counter top that would transport customers to the beach, surrounded by the calming presence of ocean waves and sandy shores. Collaborating closely with Clyde, who had a deep understanding of resin from his surfboard crafting background, we embarked on a creative journey that resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind resin art masterpiece.

Embracing the Surf-Themed Aesthetic:

As an integral part of the bar’s overall theme, our goal was to design a bar counter top that seamlessly complemented the beach and surf atmosphere. After careful consideration, Clyde and I decided to build upon the existing white marble top left behind by the previous bar owners. Rather than starting from scratch, we chose to pour resin directly onto the marble, bringing the ocean waves and sandy beach to vibrant life.

The Collaborative Process:

Clyde’s expertise in working with resin proved invaluable as we joined forces to bring our vision to reality. First, we painted the white marble top with a sand-coloured paint, creating a solid foundation for our beach-inspired design. To ensure the resin wouldn’t drip all over the place, we constructed a protective barrier, known as a dam, around the marble. Placing it about a centimeter away from the edge, we achieved a square edge effect and filled the space with sand, concealing the marble beneath the resin surface.

Crafting the Ocean Waves:

Working together, I poured the resin and sand while Clyde ensured that the dam held up long enough for the resin to cure. We had to exercise patience, allowing the initial pour to cure overnight before returning on day 2 to pour the next layer, resin ocean waves! After day 3, the end result was a mesmerising bar top that truly captures the essence of ocean waves, becoming an exquisite focal point in the bar’s interior.

The Stunning Outcomes:

Our efforts resulted in not one, but two captivating additions to the bar. In addition to the bar top, I was also given the opportunity to display a remarkable piece of art measuring 220cm x 80cm. This artwork, poured on transparent PVC, features ocean waves and real sand. However, what makes it truly special is the attached LED strip light behind the art. When the LED light is switched on, it runs along the coastline depicted in the art, creating a stunning backlight effect. By day, the artwork captivates viewers with its realistic depiction of ocean waves and sand, while at night, the LED lighting adds an ethereal glow, illuminating the entire piece.

Being involved in both the creation of the resin art bar top and the opportunity to display the breathtaking art piece was a truly incredible experience. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Clyde and contribute my artwork within this cool bar and to have my work seen by so many new people!

If you would like to purchase the led backlit resin art located in the bar, it is for sale and could be yours. Learn more about this one of a kind artwork here

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