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Recent Commissions

Olive Green, Black, Pink Gold SOLD

Resin Pour H120cm x W100cm. Beautiful match with their interior style for clients in Estepona.

Mustard, black, white, olive green, deep red SOLD

Resin Pour H150cm x W100cm. Beautiful match with their interior style for clients in Torremolinos.

Blue, Pink, White, Red SOLD

Created for my client in Sotogrande to match the colours of their Interior Style. Both Measuring 100cm x 150cm, these make a statement.

Turquoise, Black, White, Gold SOLD

This was one of my first Resin Art creations. Measuring 100cm x 150cm, is is as if it was mad to match these lamps!

Acrylic on wood SOLD

Measuring 60cm x 100cm, I painted this by copying an A4 print out of an image created by another artist. I think originally this was even a graphic image.  As soon as I posted it on my Facebook it was sold!

Resin Ocean Waves SOLD

Measuring 80cm x 150cm, This was a commission from a lovely client during lockdown for her 40th birthday! I hope Joannah enjoys many years with it.

Created for Siesta Homes Interiors SOLD

Mixed Media on Wood 3 piece set. Total size H80cm x W120cm.

Mixed Media Gold Leaf SOLD

Mixed Media and Gold Leaf on Wood H80cm x W150cm. Created to match art that my client had already seen. Location Benahavis.

Olive Green, Black, Grey, White, Pink, Beige, Gold SOLD

Resin Pour H120cm x W100cm. Bought at Arthouse Gallery Benahavis and shipped to the Ireland.

Black, White, Grey, Beige, Gold SOLD

Resin Pour on Wood. H120cm x W100cm, Shipped to UK by Arthouse Benahavis.

Blue, Green, Purple SOLD

Resin Pour. H100cm x W150cm. Created for Lee in Marbella to brighten up his living room. Stylish, shiny and bright colours with a white edging.

#Graffitilion SOLD

Acrylic H50cm x W70cm.

Turquoise, Emerald Green, Yellow, Gold, White SOLD

Aptly Named “Beautiful Planet” Resin Pour on Wood for clients in Estepona. Each H100cm x W150cm

Olive Green, Black, White, Beige, Gold SOLD

Resin Pour H120cm x W100cm. Beautiful match with their interior style for clients in Estepona.

Turquoise, Black, Green, White, Gold SOLD

Resin Pour H150cm x W100cm. Fabulous Mediterranean colours for clients in Sotogrande.

Rough Seas resin art SOLD

Resin Pour on Wood. H100cm x W100cm. I was asked to create this by The Crispy Cod in Fuengirola.. it depicts the rough seas that fisherman face every day…  looks pretty ferocious to me!

Black, Grey, White, Gold SOLD

Resin Pour. H100cm x W120cm. Sold by Arthouse Benahavis. If you own this please get in touch. I would love to see this in it’s forever home. Stylish, shiny and remind of the peacock.

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Home Decor

Decorate Your Home With Things You Love

When poured correctly, resin sticks to almost anything creating totally unique home decor pieces. 

Made To Order in your interior colours, order coffee tables, trays, candle holders, clocks, cheese boards, and more!

Resin Clock Made To Order

Ideal gifts for family and friends who have everything.

All Items can be personalized for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Gifts and More. Choose Your Colours.. various styles available. Made To Order.

Save money! Give your old furniture a makeover…

Resin art can be used to decorate almost anything!  I can take your existing furniture like tables or desks and give them a brand new lease of life by adding bespoke resin art!