Epoxy Resin & Art

Resin Art Pour Process

Resin Art pouring is unique in so many ways, which means that no two pieces can ever be created the same!

Preparing the wooden canvas

In order to make the canvas, I use only 10mm marine-grade plywood, treated for outdoor use, which ensures that your art will not warp and bend over time. The wood is cut according to your specific requirements and a wooden frame is securely fixed to the back for easy hanging. When the frame is ready, the canvas is primed with white or black primer depending on your colour choice, giving extra smoothness to the resin pour and durability. Before you can begin pouring, it’s important to create a sturdy dam around the canvas or the epoxy will pour over the sides. I use a high quality super strength duct tape and wooden blocks to reinforce the sides.

Pouring the Epoxy Resin

I use carefully selected UV protected epoxy resin so that your art will not fade over time. The resin comes in 2 liquids, of which both, must be measured exact, along with the colour pigments and then mixed thoroughly. Safety steps are taken and the colours are ready to pour creating fantastic swirls with a shiny glass effect. As the resin dries, bubbles appear which need to be released with a blow torch… this is when the real magic happens as the resin starts to cure and create beautiful unique patterns and cells!

The finishing touches

The resin begins to harden after around 12 hours, but is not completely cured until 72 hours. Once fully cured the edges of the frame are sanded, and smoothed down, and in order to make the art really stand out, the edges of the canvas are painted in black or white according to your choice. We can also supply you with the brackets to hang your art on the wall.

Depending on orders, and your requests… your custom resin art can be ready within two weeks!

Certificate of Authenticity

Every piece of art comes with an invoice, and most importantly a certificate of authenticity signed by the original artist.

If you have purchased resin art or any home decor items from any local stockists, please do contact me and I can send you an original certificate.

Resin, Pigments and Powders

I use only high quality artist resin, table top resin and deep pour resin. All pigments and powders are artist grade and are sourced mainly from Art Resin España and Dipon Germany.

In order to make your art quickly you can choose from a large stock of colours as well as specialist shimmering powders and chameleon pigments. If you are not sure which colours would best suit your needs, I can create a sample piece using epoxy resin on a small board before you make your final decision. This is all part of the service to ensure your custom resin art is absolutely perfect for you!


Create a truly exclusive look in your home with eye-catching resin art...

I offer a bespoke service in which we discuss your ideas, your colour choices and your vision for your space.  Together we can create a one-of-a-kind Made to Measure Art Design to suit your desires and space requirements.
I invite you to explore my website to find out more about the wonderful World of Resin Art...
Thank you ALL so much for your support!
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