Resin Art Kitchen Backsplash

Resin art can be used to create a truly exclusive look in different areas of your home

Epoxy resin is incredibly durable and long lasting. A resin kitchen backsplash will accentuate the look in your kitchen, and it is also easy to wipe clean.

custom resin Kitchen backsplash

Created with your vision in mind and fitted by professionals

To get the right look for your home, we invite you to share your design ideas and to look at recent commissions to see which styles of resin art you like. Our team of professionals will visit your home and measure your space so that we match your exact requirements. To ensure we match your colour choice exactly, we will provide you with a small colour testing pallet before you make your final decision.

In most cases, the resin kitchen backplash will be poured on treated 10mm marine-grade plywood. The back will have an extra layer of exterior sealant to ensure longevity against damp and humidity. 

Epoxy resin gives you endless design choices… contact us with your ideas.

Measured to your exact requirements.

Fitted by professionals

Lose yourself in the flow of art

Flawless and unique designs

Create a truly exclusive look in your home with eye-catching resin art…

I offer a bespoke service in which we discuss your ideas, your colour choices and your vision for your space. Together we can create a one-of-a-kind Made to Measure Art Design to suit your desires and space requirements.
I invite you to explore my website to find out more…

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