Resin Art Coffee Table

Resin art can be used to decorate a myriad of things including tables

Epoxy resin art can make all kinds of wonderful effects including ocean waves, marble effects, wonderful cells & more! I create completely unique, one-of-a-kind table designs that will become an eye catching furniture piece in your home. You can choose from our round coffee tables or have a bespoke table made just for you to fit your exact space requirements.

  custom resin art tables

Finished and polished to perfection

All resin art tables are created with a hard epoxy resin suitable for table tops, which is highly resistant against scratches. The type of table top resin that we use is resistant to temperatures up to 70°C/ 158°F, any items hotter than this may leave a visible print, therefore we recommend that you use coasters to prolong it’s life.

Once cured your table will be sanded up to a fine 3,000 grit to get any fine dust particles off the surface. Should your table have any wood showing the wood will be treated with hard wax oil to protect the wood against staining. When the surface is perfect, the resin table will be polished and it will be ready for delivery.

Epoxy resin gives you endless design choices… contact us with your ideas. I also offer a service in which you can supply the table and only pay for the art.   Visit the Gallery to see more!

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