Imagine if you could wake up and gaze into the deep blue sea every day!

Wake up with the ocean every day with our beautiful functional resin art tables hand made in Spain by JJ Waves!

Who are JJ Waves?

JJ Waves is the fabulous collaboration of resin artist Jordanne Morris @MadeToMeasureArt in Estepona & Johannes Schaflinger @PrettyWoodCraft in San Roque.

The talented duo have joined forces to create a magnificent portfolio of bespoke table designs using sustainable materials and resin art!

Each of their designs are carefully crafted so that you can enjoy using them forever!

Creating the magic!

All our tables are hand made in our home studios! Johannes is in charge of design and fabrication of the beautiful tables and after Jordanne creates her magical 3D ocean wave resin art on top of each one! As resin art cannot be repeated, you can be assured that each table is totally one of a kind, created with durable table top UV resin.


The large surfboard table measures 130cm x 44cm, height 50cm. Smaller surfboard table 90cm x 31cm, height 45cm. They are designed and sold as a pair and the smaller table fits perfectly under the big table.

Enhancing The Beautiful Grain

We choose the most beautiful wood grains for our projects which are enhanced by the beautiful blues of the resin pigments. To ensure longevity we use only table top resin so you can use your table as well as enjoy the art for years to come. To ensure the wood stays in prime condition, the wood is treated with hard wax oil on both sides.

Easy Postage

The matte black table legs are designed so that they screw on easily, which also means that we can easily pack our boards into a heavy duty box and ship them Worldwide! Once you receive your tables you can set them up within minutes!

2 Weeks Order Time

Depending on orders we will need 2 to 3 weeks to create and finish your tables ready for delivery.

You can order by contacting us direct through the Whatsapp button to the right of this page, or visit Made To Measure Art Online Shop!

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